Warts-and-all Origami

interlocktetrahdra As you can see, I completed the interlocking tetrahedra model that I mentioned in my previous post.  The individual tetrahedra were not hard to construct but interlocking them was another matter.  I had to follow the video step-by-step to get the pieces fitted correctly.  I normally just make notes from the videos and follow my notes when I’m ready to make the models.  However, this was one model that really needed the video instructions.

langmodelsThe second photo shows the Robert J. Lang models and WIP slinky that I also mentioned in the last post.  I was disappointed with my attempts at the creatures so I hadn’t bothered to photograph them until now.  However, I’ve decided that it’s more honest to show all my creations whether they worked properly or not.


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  1. Professions for PEACE

    I think they’re all fabulous! Thanks for sharing.


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